Pick up a penguin

Mr Ken Dorsett picking up a penguin

One of our oldest service users, Mr Kenneth Dorsett, proves that there’s life after a diagnosis of mesothelioma. He met a penguin while staying at his local hospice. And he even got to pick the penguin up for this photo.

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Helen Bone’s Mesothelioma Blog

You can read Helen’s blog here. She calls her blog, ‘It is what it is’. If you’re impressed, why not try creating your own blog for family, friends and other people who have an asbestos related disease? Spread the word about the risks from asbestos.

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10 ways to help you relax when you have an asbestos related disease

Woodland path by water with a footbridge across it

Living with an asbestos related disease is stressful at the best of times. Relaxing activities can help us feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. In a new article Nurse Dana Nolan reminds us that they can also help us to improve our immune function and reduce inflammation and digestive problems [1]. The key to finding…

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An interview with Mavis Nye

Mavis Nye has lived with mesothelioma for 13 years. Since her diagnosis she has been raising funds for research into mesothelioma and treatments for it. She also campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos. Mavis believes it is never safe to leave asbestos in place, especially in schools. She would like to see…

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My journey with mesothelioma

I first went to my doctors’ in October 2018. I was told that my breathlessness on walking uphill was normal for my age. But in February 2019 an x-ray revealed fluid on my left lung. Three months later I had the fluid removed in the Royal Stoke Hospital. A biopsy confirmed my diagnosis of mesothelioma.…

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A personal view of mesothelioma by Rob Harper

Rob's band oranised a fundraising concert for ASCE before Christas and so far has raised £2,500 for our work. Rob is thirs from the right, and is wearing a red waistcoat.

It seems many years ago now that I was asked by Doug Jewell, who was then the manager of Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE)), if the Clarion Choir would sing for Action Mesothelioma Day. Clarion have long been prepared to support and raise awareness of issues that affect working people and their families so they…

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Buying presents for people with asbestos related diseases

At this time of year you will find seasonal blogs telling you what to buy, and not to buy, for friends and loved ones who have an asbestos related disease. We’ve read them for you, so you don’t have to! Here are some suggestions. Tempting treats Sometimes people lose their appetite, or their tastebuds change,…

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Your diagnosis is the start of a journey

Being diagnosed with an asbestos related disease is likely to change your perspective on life. Things that used to matter may no longer seem so important. The relationships and everyday things you took for granted may now take on new value. Understanding what your body needs You will find out what really makes you tick.…

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Sometimes people do beat the odds

In a recent post we explained how doctors work out their patients’ life expectancy after they have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease. There is no crystal ball. An estimate of someone’s life expectancy is based on the average time that people survive with a particular disease. It’s also affected by any other health…

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