The Broken Ones take on the Hallow 12 Parish Challenge

My name is Sue Farrall. On September the 2nd 2022 I was given the devastating news that I have mesothelioma.

The story so far

Mesothelioma is an incurable form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I was 56 years of age with a 25 year work history in community pharmacy. I did not fit the demographic of mesothelioma. It’s generally associated with older men who have knowingly worked with asbestos.

But the reality is that we are all at risk of asbestos exposure. It was banned for use in the UK in 1999, but is still present in many public buildings. It is in many of our schools, hospitals, leisure centres and high street stores. As these buildings age and deteriorate, more people will risk exposure to the devil’s dust.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was a fit and active person. I had a career change four years earlier, and had a physical job on the railway, which I loved. I was also a runner, and completed my last marathon in under four hours – that’s not bad for a female over 50!

Where I am now

I now haven’t been able to work since May 2022, and my days of popping out for a Sunday morning ten mile run, just for fun, are long gone.

I underwent major surgery last year, which is not a cure. It has left significant collateral damage, but for now it seems to have stabilised the disease. I have a positive mindset, I have adapted to my ‘new normal’, and although big C will always be there, I still intend on filling my lifetime with experiences and joy.

The Broken Ones accept a new challenge

With all of this in mind, myself and two friends, Shiran and Nicky, have set ourselves a challenge to raise funds for two charities.

Myself, Shiran and Nicky have all recently gone through life changing illness. Pre-illness we were all fit and healthy with a passion for running. Rather than focus on the past, and what we can’t ever do again, we’re focusing on what we can do now. We’ve got together as team ‘The Broken Ones’ and on Saturday 6th July 2024 we will be taking part in the ‘Hallow 12 Parish Challenge’. This is a marathon hike, 26.2 miles around beautiful Worcestershire. It won’t be fast, it won’t be pretty, but it will be a HUGE challenge for us all. We’re already in training, and it’s definitely been challenging!

Who we intend to benefit

Mesothelioma UK and Asbestos Support Central England have been a tremendous support to myself and my family, and without their help, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am right now.

Mesothelioma UK is the national charity for anyone affected by mesothelioma. They exist to support patients to live better and for longer, and to prevent mesothelioma happening to future generations. They do this by advocating for better treatment and care, and supporting research.

Asbestos Support Central England is a registered charity set up to help people with asbestos related diseases and to campaign for the safe removal of asbestos.

How you can help

We’d really appreciate any support you can give in our quest to raise funds for these two very worthwhile and underfunded charities. No amount is too small, and please only donate what is affordable to you. Sponsor us here.