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It’s time to mobilise aginst Cape

9 August 2022

The Forum of Asbestos Victims’ Support Groups is calling patients, carers, friends and relatives to mobilise for a day of action. We intend to demonstrate outside the head offices of Cape International Holdings. Why we are mobilising against Cape This is the company which manufactured asbestos insulation board. It recently spent a fortune trying to…

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Ipi/Nivo Immunotherpay Approved by NICE

4 August 2022

A year on from its first committee meeting to consider this, NICE has finally approved immunotherapy combining Nivolumab and Ipilimumab for the first line treatment of mesothelioma by the NHS. This treatment is commonly known as Ipi/Nivo. NICE is the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. What’s the best treatment? Patients often regard immunotherapy…

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Hazards2022 says “Cape must pay”

2 August 2022

This year’s Hazards Conference took place from 29 to 31 July. Attendees called on Cape, one of the leading manufacturers of products that contained asbestos, to pay £10 million for desperately needed research into mesothelioma. Attendees are pictured holding up placards. It’s worth zooming in to read their shocking contents! They say things like: Cape…

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Employer who failed to manage asbestos faces £104,000 bill and a criminal record

1 August 2022

An employer who failed to manage asbestos properly in his automotive workshop in Kidderminster faces fines and court costs totalling £104,000. He has also received a 12 month suspended prison sentence. Peter Gerard Parkes was found gulty Peter Gerard Parkes of Morville, Bridgnorth was aware that asbestos was present within the premises. He had previously…

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Sponsored Walk by Thompsons in Birmingham

27 July 2022

It’s a week until the team at Thompsons do a sponsored walk around Birmingham to raise funds for Asbestos Support Central England.  We are very grateful to those who have agreed either to go on the walk for us or donate.  It’s not too late to sponsor the walkers! If you wish to make a…

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Sign the petition to save Phoenix House

27 July 2022

Readers of our blog will know that on 26 April, and in our summer newsletter, we asked you to write to your MPs about the plans to close Phoenix House. This is the DWP’s specialist centre that deals with asbestos and other occupational disease benefits. It is threatened with closure next year. The skills and…

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Government rejects the Select Committee’s key recommendation on removing asbestos within 40 years

26 July 2022

The Work and Pensions Select Committee has published the government’s response to its report on how the Health and Safety Executive manages asbestos. What the government says in its response In the response, the government rejects the Committee’s key recommendation. The Committee members had called for a strategy to deal with the risks posed by…

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Ask your MP to support Early Day Motion 93

20 July 2022

Please write to your MP about Early Day Motion 93. This asks Cape Holdings PLC to make a £10 million donation towards mesothelioma research. If you wish, you can use the following template. Remember to tell your MP how you have been affected by an asbestos related disease. Template for writing to your MP Dear Insert…

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Fatalities Caused By Work Related Accidents are Completely Over-shadowed by Fatalities from Work Related Asbestos Diseases

13 July 2022

The news media, (TV, Radio, Newspapers and News websites), regularly report work-related accidents, especially those which end in a fatality. However, the number of fatalities at work caused by accidents is very small compared to the number of fatalities caused by exposure to asbestos at work. Just over 200 people died least year in work…

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Cape Must Pay Petition

12 July 2022

We have been asked by our newsletter readers to repeat the link to the Cape Must Pay Petition.  So far we have collected  1,300 signatures, but we need many more than that if we are to bring Cape to account. Please sign the petition and ask your friends and family to sign it too.  You…

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