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Join us on the National Demonstration Against Cape at 1pm in Warrington on Friday 30 September

28 September 2022

Caped  defenders of justice take on Cape offenders of justice On Friday 30 September at 1pm a demonstration will be held outside the head offices of Cape Industrial Services, a subsidiary of the Altrad multinational corporation. Members and supporters of the Asbestos Victims Support Groups’ Forum UK will be dressed as Caped Defenders of Justice. We…

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Nearly half of UK tradespeople know someone in the trade who has an asbestos related disease or have one themselves

27 September 2022

A survey carried out by ElectricalDirect has found that 72% of tradespeople have come across asbestos in their working lives. A quarter encounter it every week, over a third (35%) say every month, and one in 12 (8%) still come face to face with asbestos every day. This can have serious consequences. 44% said they had…

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Cuts to DWP services are having a devastating impact on terminally ill claimants

22 September 2022

We have been campaigning for some time now to stop the closure of Phoenix House in Barrow. This is the DWP office which – until recently – processed all the fast track claims for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB). These are made for people who are terminally ill. In the meantime, the DWP has pressed…

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Action Mesothelioma Day in Dudley

13 September 2022

ARC-AID (Asbestos Related Conditions – Allied Industrial Diseases) is a charity in our region which is dedicated to fundraising for research into asbestos related diseases and support for patients. It rus a charity shop in New Street, Dudley. Going Blue for Meso Founder Mary Law, 86, and friends wore ‘blue for meso’ on Action Mesothelioma…

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Asbestos Support Central England very much regrets the sudden death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and acknowledges her long period of public service to the realm

10 September 2022

Asbestos Support Central England very much regrets the sudden death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We wish to aknowledge her long period of public service to the realm. Our services will continue as usual during the period of national mourning but we will be closed on the day of her funeral. This is likely…

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All age team takes on obstacle course to support us

1 September 2022

A team of adults and children are going to complete the Irwin Mitchell WPI (Birmingham) Inflatable 5Km obstacle course in aid of our charity. Hayley Mills says, “We are raising money for Asbestos Support Central England CIO because we want to support their invaluable work.” If you would like to support them please click here. 

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Johnson & Johnson decide to stop selling baby powder made from talcum

17 August 2022

The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, also known as J&J, has decided to stop making and selling baby powder containing talcum. From 2023 J&J will switch to using corn starch instead. Two years ago the company withdrew talcum from the baby powder they sell in the USA and Canada. This followed a barrage of lawsuits.…

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It’s time to mobilise aginst Cape

9 August 2022

The Forum of Asbestos Victims’ Support Groups is calling patients, carers, friends and relatives to mobilise for a day of action. We intend to demonstrate outside the head offices of Cape International Holdings. Why we are mobilising against Cape This is the company which manufactured asbestos insulation board. It recently spent a fortune trying to…

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Ipi/Nivo Immunotherpay Approved by NICE

4 August 2022

A year on from its first committee meeting to consider this, NICE has finally approved immunotherapy combining Nivolumab and Ipilimumab for the first line treatment of mesothelioma by the NHS. This treatment is commonly known as Ipi/Nivo. NICE is the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. What’s the best treatment? Patients often regard immunotherapy…

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Hazards2022 says “Cape must pay”

2 August 2022

This year’s Hazards Conference took place from 29 to 31 July. Attendees called on Cape, one of the leading manufacturers of products that contained asbestos, to pay £10 million for desperately needed research into mesothelioma. Attendees are pictured holding up placards. It’s worth zooming in to read their shocking contents! They say things like: Cape…

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