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How to campaign successfully to remove asbestos: on-line webinar, Friday 16 April 9.30am-1pm

24 February 2021

Find out about the ongoing campaign to remove asbestos from buildings in the UK. We’ll tell you how you or your trade union can get involved. The speakers will explain the threat from asbestos in buildings and how it can be eradicated. There will be a break-out group about the campaign to remove asbestos from…

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A mesothelioma patients explains why she had the Covid-19 jab

22 February 2021

Mesothelioma patient Emily Ward has written about her experience of having a vaccination against Covid-19. She says, ‘Patients with malignant mesothelioma and other cancers have a higher risk of infection, making us more vulnerable to the virus.  The most important rule is to stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks. One of the best protections you…

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MPs to debate the Lump Sum regulations for asbestos related diseases

16 February 2021

The motions to approve the draft Pnuemoconiosis and Mesothelioma Lump Sum Regulations for 2021 will be debated by MPs in the House of Commons on Tuesday 2 March. They will then vote on the Regulations. A good time to write to your MP This is a good time to write to your MP and ask…

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How mesothelioma can affect your emotions

15 February 2021

A new study by researchers at the University of Sheffield looks at the way mesothelioma can affect your emotional well-being. By ’emotions’ the researchers mean feelings like ‘loss, grief, anxiety and isolation’. They studied patient records over a 40 year period. Why is mesothelioma different from other cancers? Any cancer diagnosis can affect people in…

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How to talk to children about your asbestos related disease

11 February 2021

Adults sometimes try to avoid talking to one another about painful subjects such as illness, pain and loss. But young children are not afraid to ask questions and they can be very direct. It’s not unusual to be asked, ‘Why are you poorly, Granny?’ or ‘Are you going to die, Grandad?’ You can help them…

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The role of our genes in mesothelioma

8 February 2021

People often wonder they have got mesothelioma. Sometimes this happens after a very small exposure to asbestos. Our genes are one of the things which play a part. For instance, one gene, BAP1 or BRCA1 associated protein-1, mutates in some people. This seems to make them more vulnerable to mesothelioma. Chemoresistance The same gene also…

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Missing out! Messed about! What it’s like with asbestosis or pleural thickening in a covid pandemic

5 February 2021

Missing out and messed about. All too often this is what it feels like if you have asbestosis or pleural thickening and you are waiting for your claim to benefits and compensation to be decided. And who’s messing them about and making them miss out? You guessed it! The government. Disabled people have been waiting…

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A mesothelioma patient explains why he’s glad he sought legal advice

4 February 2021

It was the 11th August 2020 and I was leaving my local hospital with a diagnosis of Mesothelioma! The following few days were very challenging really as my wife and I had to begin to come to terms with what the diagnosis meant. We had to inform family and friends, and discuss treatment options, as well…

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How much did the boss know?

2 February 2021

People are sometimes appalled to discover that they were exposed to asbestos during their working life. But equally often, they will say, ‘We worked with asbestos all the time. No one knew any better in those days. We thought it was a safe material to use.’ Their manager, or the owner of the firm, may…

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Is this daylight robbery or a hidden tax on disabled people?

29 January 2021

The Asbestos Victims Support Groups’ Forum has today accused the government of robbing people disabled by asbestos related diseases. They say, “Despite requests to the Department of Work and Pensions for action, victims of asbestosis and pleural thickening are being robbed of their full compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act 1979 . We ask for…

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