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Latest news

The Butterfly Group Christmas Lunch

16 December 2022

If this image looks inviting, and you are someone from our area who has lost a loved one to an asbestos related disease, you might like to join the Butterfly Group for their annual Christmas lunch. It will take place on Monday 16 January at Browns. This in St Martin’s Square, in the Bullring, opposite…

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What the focus group said about pleural thickening and asbestosis

7 December 2022

Feedback from the regional meeting for people with pleural thickening and asbestosis  Patients feel their questions, about how their disease might progress, are often left unanswered. Patients would like to see more research into whether or not there is a significant risk that people with other asbestos related diseases will go on to develop mesothelioma.…

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Coughs in Mesothelioma 

5 December 2022

Kate Slaven, the Mesothelioma Nurse based at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, is conducting a study on Cough in Mesothelioma. Kate is looking for patients or carers to help her with this. To volunteer you have to be a patient yourself, or someone who has cared for a patient, who is age 18 or above has…

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Community Fund Award

29 November 2022

We should like to say a big thank you for a grant of £4,600 grant from The Community Fund, which is part of the National Lottery. This will enable us to train Kathryn, the newest member of our team, to become a part-time adviser. It brings the number of part-time advisers on our team to…

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The number of women with asbestos related diseases is growing

28 November 2022

After asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999 it was assumed that the number of people with an asbestos related disease would reach a peak and then start to decline. This still isn’t happening. One reason is that asbestos related diseases mostly affect older people. Life expectancy has increased by six years since 1990.…

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Busting the myths about palliative care

28 October 2022

The Mesothelioma UK Research Centre at the University of Sheffield has produced an animation aimed at people with mesothelioma and their families. It will also be of interest to anyone who is becoming progressively disabled by an asbestos related disease. It looks at common misconceptions about palliative care.  In particular, it aims to dispel the…

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Open Letter to Ran Oren, Joint CEO of Altrad

26 October 2022

On 26 October the Forum of UK Asbestos Victims’ Support Groups sent the following open letter to Mr Ran Oren, the Joint CEO of Cape’s parent company Altrad. He is also the sole director of Cape Intermediate Holdings. It was addressed to his office at 125, Rue du Mas de Carbonnier, 34000 Montpellier in France.…

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The risks from asbestos in schools

25 October 2022

At the beginning of this school term the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) began a series of inspections to see how schools are managing the risks from asbestos. Why the HSE has begun inspecting schools for asbestos exposure In July 2022 the HSE had acknowledged for the first time that people who work in schools…

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We need to learn the lessons from asbestos

11 October 2022

The story of asbestos is a warning of worse to come. Industry enthusiastically embraced asbestos after World War II. It was cheap and plentiful. It was easy to use and ideal for insulating things or making them more flexible. Despite warning signs, no one stopped to consider its impact on the environment or on human…

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There’s a new Cape Must Pay video

10 October 2022

A volunteer professional has now made a new Cape Must Pay video. It was made at one of the demonstrations outside Altrad’s offices in Rotherham and Warrington on Frday 30 September. You can watch it here.

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