If you missed Action Mesothelioma Day it’s never too late to get involved!

Our On-line ActionMeso Day meeting

We held an informal meeting where people shared stories about how mesothelioma had affected their lives. Someone mentioned a link to the original World in Action investigation into the activities of Cape Asbestos in their Acre Mill at Hebden Bridge. This was a landmark in getting the damage caused by asbestos dust brought to the attention of the wider public. We promised to share the link here: The Dust At Acre Mill.

Send a postcard

If you’ve received one of our nesletters, inviting you to send a postcard to your MP about our campaign for Zero Asbestos, it’s never too late to send it!

Watch “ActionMeso” Day unfold on-line

You can also view the event that was organised by ActionMeso. There’s a recording of the national event on YouTube here. Or you can watch it on Facebook here.

Fundraising through craft making

Finally, for those who like raising money for charity by handcrafting items for sale, and especially if you live in Worcestershire, there’s a new charity which is using crafting as a platform to raise money for Mesothelioma UK. It is called mesoMakes and you can find out more here. MesoMakes has an Instagram page too, which you can find here.