My wife, Lyn, was exposed to asbestos in school

On Action Meso Day, Roy from Worcestershire shares the story of his wife Lyn, who worked in a school laboratory for 19 years, where she was exposed to asbestos. He makes a powerful plea for ZeroAsbestos in schools. A report published today by JUAC, the Join Union Asbestos Committee, suggests that asbestos in schools is now more dangerous than ever!

In December 2019 my wife Lyn was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  Tragically she passed away in January this year, aged 71. Given her family background, there is a strong possibility that her life was cut short by 20 years. I have been totally devastated by her loss and my family have all been significantly affected.

Lyn worked as a senior technician in the biology department of a Worcestershire school. It was there that she was exposed to asbestos, between 1988 and 2007.

Children are even more vulnerable to asbestos than adults. It is vital that asbestos is removed from all public buildings, but especially from schools. There are children currently attending school who are being exposed to asbestos and will die as a result!  This needs to become government policy as soon as possible.