Make an ActionMeso Board

If you are joining us for our regional Action Meso Day event at 11 o’clock tomorrow, or joining the national event at 12.30, #ActionMeso would like you to make an ACTION MESO BOARD.

To get an invite please email for the West Midlands event at 11 and go to for your invite to the national event at 12.30.

#ActionMeso say:

We’re inviting all Action Meso Day attendees to ‘Take Action’ to help raise awareness of mesothelioma.

What action will you take? Here’s how you can get involved …

  1. Click here to download a ‘My Action Board’.
  2. Print a copy of the Board – there are a few options including a personal and team/company Board, as well as a Welsh option.
  3. Think about what action you may want to take: it could be as simple as ‘tell a friend about mesothelioma and what it is’, to ‘write a letter to my MP’.
  4. Bring your board to Action Meso Day 2021 to share on screen at the end of the event.
  5. We would love to see you holding up your action on social media. Please use hashtag #ActionMeso.
  6. Alternatively, please email your photos or videos to the Action Meso Comms Team at

Together, our action can make a difference!