Bob was my rock and mesothelioma took him away

Maureen from Nuneaton lost her husband to mesothelioma in 2016. She is a member of our Butterfly Group, which supports bereaved relatives and campaigns for the removal of asbestos. Bob had worked for a metal fabrication company and for Birmingham City Council.

My husband Bob was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2014, and I consider myself very lucky to have shared just over two years with him after his diagnosis.  During this period we enjoyed several holidays together, including whale watching in Canada, and at the end of his life I was able to care for him at home, as he desperately did not want to go into hospital.

After he died and the inquest and funeral had taken place, we had our first Christmas without my love and best friend, which was awful.  Time passes, and although I still feel bereft of him, the pain does ease.

Initially I coped by having loads of administration to deal with: changing accounts into my sole name and obtaining grant of probate. Then I organised a memorial bench for Bob, in fields where he used to walk and overlooking his beloved allotment.

I miss Bob every day – he was my rock and I find decision making very hard without him.

The help we received from Asbestos Support was invaluable, and I thank goodness they exist and continue to help us all!

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Photo by Hennadii Hryshyn on Unsplash

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