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New guidance from the TUC for workers dealing with asbestos

24 May 2021

The TUC has issued new guidance about what to do when you find asbestos in a building how you can avoid being exposed to hazardous asbestos dust how to claim compensation if you get ill after being exposed to asbestos We can also help you with practical help and support, and by filling in the…

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Why is the the government asking victims of injustice to help sort out a mess of its own making?

21 May 2021

It is now more than two months since Justin Tomlinson, the Minister of State for Disabled People, Work and Health, made promises to right any injustices caused by the pandemic. But we still don’t know whether claimants with asbestosis & pleural thickening are to be denied part of their compensation under the government’s lump sum…

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Why asbestos is still threatening our health

12 May 2021

In an article published today, Treven Pyles from US health and safety advisers EHS explains why asbestos is still ‘a considerable threat’ to our health. Why is there so much asbestos around? Although asbestos was first used by people in the Stone Age, its use became widespread around the time of the Second World War.…

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Quality of life is all important

11 May 2021

Researchers in Australia have confirmed what we probably already knew. Quality of life is all important. When patients have an illness like mesothelioma it can also help them to live for longer. Previous studies had already shown that people survive for longer, on average, when they receive good palliative care or symptom control. This new…

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The startling statistics behind our ZeroAsbestos campaign

5 May 2021

Everyone is worried about road traffic accidents. At the back of our minds we always know that our next car journey could be our last, or that we could lose family and friends in a tragic road accident. Do we have the same anxiety when we go into our place of  work, or to school,…

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A minute’s silence for the 100s of people who died across the West Midlands this year because of work related accidents and diseases

28 April 2021

This afternoon people gathered on-line from charities and trades unions to remember the loss of 100s of lives across the West Midlands this year. The cause of death was work related accidents and diseases. These causes ranged from being crushed by cattle to covid-19 and microscopic asbestos fibres. The vast majority of those who died…

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We are calling for Zero Asbestos!

28 April 2021

“ZERO Asbestos” was the campaign message to take forward from the conference, Asbestos — Campaign Against All Fears. The joint conference was held on April 16 by Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team (DAST), Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE) and Yorkshire and Humberside Asbestos Support (SARAG), and delegates heard from a number of speakers about the key…

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Help Mesothelioma UK set priorities for its research

26 April 2021

The Mesothelioma UK Research Centre team at the University of Sheffield is seeking the views of people living with mesothelioma and their family members or close friends, (including bereaved carers). They are also keen to hear from people who are treating, caring and supporting people with mesothelioma. This includes clinicians, academics, lawyers, asbestos support group…

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Why are they still waiting?

20 April 2021

The sun is shining more often and we are starting to unlock, yet people with asbestosis & pleural thickening are still missing out because of the pandemic. The Department of Work and Pensions is slowly processing their claims for government benefits and compensation but there is still an unacceptable backlog. This is causing delays and…

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MPs Condemn Johnson & Johnson for Continuing to Sell its Baby Powder

16 April 2021

Ian Lavery, the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Asbestos has tabled an Early Day motion (No 58341) in Parliament condemning Johnson & Johnson for continuing to sell baby powder found by scientists to be contaminated with asbestos. Please ask your MP to sign it. The background to the Motion Both the US…

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