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More Places Available Now For “Asbestos: Real and Present Danger”

11 November 2020

Please note that on Friday 27 November we have organised a webinar for Trade Union health and safety reps to draw attention to the ‘Real and Present Danger’ from asbestos in the contemporary workplace. Originally there were 80 places and these have already been taken, but we have just found a way to expand the…

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The dangers from asbestos in our schools

5 November 2020

There has been a lot of concern recently about the risks to teachers and pupils from Covid-19. Another danger facing them comes from asbestos in our schools. Since 2001 more than 90 teaching staff from schools have died of mesothelioma The Office for National Statistics reports that 91 British teachers and classroom assistants died of…

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Asbestos is still making people seriously ill

3 November 2020

A new study of 4,000 mesothelioma cases in Canada, stretching back over 25 years, has found that occupational exposure to asbestos is gradually reduceing but the number of cases arising from exposure outside the workplace is on the increase. This is probably because of better detectionof what were previously undiagnosed cases. It highlights the continuing…

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Lung cancer awareness month

1 November 2020

This week we enter a new lockdown period in England. By coincidence November is also #LungCancerAwarenessMonth. There are different kinds of lung cancer and it can have different causes, including occupational hazards such as asbestos. Some of the symptoms can be confused with Covid-19 or Long Covid – particularly a persistent cough and a feeling…

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