Your diagnosis is the start of a journey

Being diagnosed with an asbestos related disease is likely to change your perspective on life. Things that used to matter may no longer seem so important. The relationships and everyday things you took for granted may now take on new value.

Understanding what your body needs

You will find out what really makes you tick. You may learn to understand your body in a different way. You may have certain hours in the day when you perform better than others. Some foods will give you energy, while others that you once enjoyed may lose their appeal. You may need to accept new limitations on what you can do. Some days might be very difficult but others may go by more easily.

What to expect

Medical professionals sometimes paint the worst case scenario. The real experts, other people who have the same disease, will give you their scenarios. These will range from the very best to the very worst.

Coping with the shock

Being overwhelmed can stop you thinking clearly. If you can, it might help to take a step back after the initial shock of your new diagnosis. Realising which things or situations you are still in charge of may help. If you can only think of a couple of things that you are in charge of, write them down. Keep the notepad handy.

Finding out what really matters to you

Another thing you can do is to think of all the things and relationships you are grateful for. It might be a difficult time to think about feeling grateful, but just make the list. When you are feeling not so well  it will help you to know where your priorities lie.

Remember that the things which always make you smile are still there.  In time you feel able to to smile again with your loved ones and your friends.

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Picture © Neil Bishop