Everton Clarke from Nechells was caught on camera dumping asbestos

People who dump asbestos seem to think they will never be caught. But Everton Clarke from Cromwell Street, Nechells, was photographed unloading six sacks of asbestos from a white van in Hockley. He dumped them in the road.

Mr Clarke was sent to the Crown Court. He was given a suspended prison sentence, ordered to pay £600 costs and told to observe a curfew. Mr Clarke was lucky to avoid gaol after throwing himself on the mercy of the court. He said that he was a single parent with a heart condition. His ten month sentence was therefore suspended for 18 months.

Cllr John O’Shea is the Cabinet Member for Street Scene and Parks on Birmingham City Council. He said: “I am absolutely staggered that anybody would think it is ok to dump… asbestos on our streets. There is no excuse whatsoever to do this and it is clear the courts share that opinion. We are investing in more cameras this year to help identify those responsible… and to deter future dumping.”

Read the whole story at https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/news/article/982/suspended_prison_sentence_for_asbestos_dumper_after_council_investigation

The picture shows Mr Clarke parked in his van at the spot where the asbestos was left.