Roy writes about the help he and his wife Lyn received from Asbestos Support Central England

Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE) helped my wife Lyn and I as we were trying to come to terms with the life-devastating diagnosis of Mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer. At that point we were both less than rational. It was impossible for us to see the wood for the trees.

Getting us the help we needed

One of the nurses gave us an information pack. It included a leaflet from ASCE. To say that they were helpful is a total understatement. Within a few days of contacting them we were visited by a very knowledgeable lady. She asked us lots of questions and quickly identified what help and support we needed and what financial help we could apply for.

The forms were a nightmare. Lyn answered all her questions and she filled the forms in for us, just a signature being required. The financial assistance initiated by ASCE helped us though difficult times. It would have taken us ages to achieve the same result.

They continued helping us

The support didn’t stop there. We were also advised to consider a legal claim. We were helped to identify and contact specialist law companies with considerable experience of asbestos related claims. The legal action is ongoing.

The support doesn’t even stop there! ASCE run a support group for sufferers and partners/careers. Lyn and I found it highly beneficial. Since Lyn passed away I have been attending the ASCE “Butterfly Group” for bereaved partners. It has also been really beneficial.

And they’re campaigning for zero asbestos

In addition to the above, ASCE are passionate campaigners for the strictest possible enforcement of regulations and legislation to protect current workers and communities. Lyn was exposed to asbestos while working at a local school. It is also tragic that some of the children in that school, then and now, will die from exposure to asbestos. Much of it remains in place.

Roy Snook

To protect their on-line anonymity Roy and Lyn are depicted here by actors.

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels