Quality of life is all important

Researchers in Australia have confirmed what we probably already knew. Quality of life is all important. When patients have an illness like mesothelioma it can also help them to live for longer.

Previous studies had already shown that people survive for longer, on average, when they receive good palliative care or symptom control. This new study highlights something else. People enjoy their remaining life more, and for longer, if someone can help them deal with anxiety about their family.

261 people took part in the research. Almost 80% of them (206 respondents) said ‘they were concerned about the effect of their illness on their family.’ Anxiety about this often made them feel depressed. This compounded their other symptoms. But when they had received help to deal with their concerns they generally felt better and survived their illness for longer.

This is where charities like ours can be of real benefit. We don’t just help our service users to get the personal care they need and sort out the future well-being of their dependents. Often we are helping them to enjoy life more as well. This can sometimes have medical benefits and assist their survival.

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Picture by Neil Bishop