We’re going blue for meso on Action Mesothelioma Day!

Mesothelioma kills more than 2,400 people each year so it’s time for action! Exposure to asbestos is virtually the only cause of the incurable cancer mesothelioma in the UK. Asbestos needs to be removed from as many schools, hospitals, public buildings and homes as possible. And it needs to be removed as soon as possible.…

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A personal view of mesothelioma by Rob Harper

Rob's band oranised a fundraising concert for ASCE before Christas and so far has raised £2,500 for our work. Rob is thirs from the right, and is wearing a red waistcoat.

It seems many years ago now that I was asked by Doug Jewell, who was then the manager of Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE)), if the Clarion Choir would sing for Action Mesothelioma Day. Clarion have long been prepared to support and raise awareness of issues that affect working people and their families so they…

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