Update on Altrad

Our campaign to persuade Altrad – the current owners of Cape – to do the decent thing and make a £10 million donation to mesothelioma research has not gone away. On the contrary, it is gathering pace!

New experts endorse our campaign

Two new experts have called upon Altrad to help the cause of research into mesothelioma. Dr Riyaz Shah, a renowned specialist in mesothelioma, states it’s critical that more money is given to research into a cure for the disease. And Professor Peter Szlosarek, an eminent specialist in mesothelioma speaks out in support of our Cape Must Pay Campaign.

Altrad and Cape

Cape manufactured many of the asbestos products which are now causing an epidemic of mesothelioma cases. they need to help put right the damage they did. And Altrad, as owners of Cape, control the purse strings. They are still profiting from asbestos, this time by safely removing the dangerous products which Cape made in the first place. They could decide that Cape is going to pay.

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