Cape Must Pay protest goes to Paris

Protesters outside the Stade de France with a French version of the ‘Cape Must Pay’ banner

Plucky protesters are pictured outside the Stade de France after taking our ‘Cape Must Pay’ banner to Paris for the Rugby World Cup. We took the precaution of printing this version in French, for the benefit of the French media and passers-by.

Just as when we went to Parliament Square in London, we could only stage a token demonstration. This was to keep within the law on holding demonstrations in prestigious places.

The Rugby World Cup is reaching its closing stages and we wanted to remind the world that one of the major sponsors of the teams taking part is Altrad. They pour millions of pounds into rugby but won’t help people suffering from the terminal illness mesothelioma to find better treatments.

This is all the more disappointing because they own Cape. This is the company which manufactured many of the asbestos products which have caused an epidemic of asbestos related illnesses in the UK and across the world.

Altrad is now profiting from removing the same asbestos products from buildings in the UK.

We are asking Altrad for £10 million towards the cost of mesothelioma research. #CapeMustPay

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