Our Face-to-Face Support Resumes After the Pandemic

Members of the Butterfly Group enjoying lunch togetherThe Butterfly Group is our support group for people who have been left bereaved by an asbestos related disease. Some of its members met for lunch together yesterday. This was the first time the Group had met face-to-face indoors for more than 18 months.

Members of the Butterfly Group enjoying lunch togetherThe Group is pictured renewing old acquaintances at Marco Pierre White’s on the canal wharf in the centre of Birmingham. Members had come by train, bus and car from all over the West Midlands.

The Group has a serious purpose

As well as enjoying outings and meals together, the Group has a serious purpose. It supports new members coming to terms with their grief. It can offer support too when a partner’s court case was still on-going at the time of their death. This sometimes happens and some group members know what it feels like.

Campaigning for #zeroasbestos

The Butterfly Group also campaigns for better compensation for people’s dependents, and for the removal of asbestos. At the moment the Group is campaigning for #zeroasbestos in all schools and other public buildings.

Mesothelioma Support

Our support group for mesothelioma patients has decided not to resume face-to-face meetings until next year. This is because cancer patients are often at higher risk of acquiring infections and the risks of having a respiratory illness on top of mesothelioma are much greater than normal.

Find out how you can get involved here.

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