A minute’s silence for the 100s of people who died across the West Midlands this year because of work related accidents and diseases

This afternoon people gathered on-line from charities and trades unions to remember the loss of 100s of lives across the West Midlands this year. The cause of death was work related accidents and diseases. These causes ranged from being crushed by cattle to covid-19 and microscopic asbestos fibres. The vast majority of those who died had their lives brought to a premature end by an industrial disease.

Although today was Workers’ Memorial Day it’s never too late to join us in remembering them. Go to the BTUC website and scroll down to ‘Birmingham Workers’ Memorial Day: Remember the dead and fight for the living‘.

Then join the campaigns for #zerocovid and #zeroasbestos. Everyone knows the risks which workers face from covid-19. But each year asbestos related diseases also kill 5,000 people in the UK.  No one should have to go to work knowing that they risk getting a life threatening disease.

The photo by Larry Gaffney shows this year’s wreaths and messages of remembrance on the steps of the Workers’ Memorial in Birmingham.