MPs to debate the Lump Sum regulations for asbestos related diseases

The motions to approve the draft Pnuemoconiosis and Mesothelioma Lump Sum Regulations for 2021 will be debated by MPs in the House of Commons on Tuesday 2 March. They will then vote on the Regulations.

A good time to write to your MP

This is a good time to write to your MP and ask for the equalisation of Lump Sum payments  for in-life and posthumous cases. At the moment, if families only claim the Lump Sum after the person has died they receive substantially less compensation than people who claim the Lump Sum during their own lifetime. There are no plans to change this in 2021.

Why the Lump Sum payments aren’t equal

The government says that families claiming the Lump Sum don’t need as much help if the person with the illness has already died. We don’t think this is fair.

Why this is unfair

Sometimes there is very little chance for people to make a claim for compensation before their illness becomes critical. Their family then has to concentrate on caring for them instead of pursuing the claim for a Lump Sum. And sometimes people leave behind dependants who will need continuing help and support after they die.

Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash


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