Be careful where you go for on-line information

People who have asbestos related diseases need to be careful when they search on-line for information, guidance and support. This is often the natural thing to do when you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with one of these diseases.

Look carefully at who is providing the information you find on-line

Our advice is to look carefully to see who is actually providing the information. Websites offering information about asbestos related diseases often belong to legal firms. The information they provide can be helpful, so long as they make clear who they are. They should also explain whether they will ask for fees and charges, or take part of any compensation awarded to you, if you ask them to work for you.

Organisations at the top of the search list may have paid Google to be there

Charities like ourselves and Mesothelioma UK also offer information, advice and support, but because we cannot afford to pay Google to advertise our websites you will not find us at the top of the search list when you are ‘Googling’ for information. Our support is always free, because it is paid for by donations from members of the public and businesses which sponsor us. Our sponsors include reputable legal firms which want you to be able to access free and reliable information and support.

The UK Forum of Asbestos Sufferers’ Support Groups UK

We belong to the UK Forum of Asbestos Sufferers’ Support Groups, which has a charter that the legal firms who sponsor us have to sign up to. You can find the charter on the Forum’s website here. It is a code of best practice.

Be wary of websites which encourage you to go to one particular law firm for more advice and support.  Members of the Forum will never do this.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash