Don’t feel you have to delay asking for help during the Covid-19 winter crisis

The charity Mesothelioma UK is advising patients not to delay asking for help if they need it during the Covid-19 winter crisis. News broadcasts on TV, and articles in the press, are telling us that hospitals are exceptionally busy. This is true, but if you have an asbestos related disease and need to ask for help you should still do so.

Seek help while things are still manageable

It is understandable that you might feel anxious about taking up the nurses’ time. Some of the specialist nurses are being redeployed to care for Covid patients. However, it is better to ask for help while things are still manageable than to delay until your situation gets more urgent.

If you’re not sure what to do

If you are not sure whether to ring your nurse specialist you can check out the advice here on Mesothelioma UK’s website.  You can also ring the Mesothelioma UK Information line on 0800 169 2409.

Photo by Alwin Kroon on Unsplash.

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