Supporters of ASCE demonstrate outside Altrad’s UK headquarters

Supporters of Asbestos Support Central England went to Rotherham on Wednesday to protest outside Altrad’s UK headquarters. Altrad is the owner of Cape, a firm which manufactured asbestos products and caused an epidemic of asbestos related diseases. Some of the people pictured are patients with the disease mesothelioma. Others have been bereaved by this incurable cancer.

What causes mesothelioma and why Cape are involved

The only cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Cape deliberately withheld vital evidence that their products were extremely hazardous. This has led to millions of people being exposed to deadly asbestos fibres. This first  happened when the products were installed. But it is still continuing as those products deteriorate or are disturbed by maintenance work.  Asbestos products are found in public buildings such as schools and hospitals, and in social and private housing. It was

The caption on the banner reads, ‘Cape’s asbestos products killed our loved ones. Shame on Cape. Cape Must Pay.’

A national campaign

Altrad give millions of pounds to national sports teams like The All Blacks and the French national rugby squad. We want them to give a similar amount to mesothelioma research. We are taking part in a national campaign and our supporters joined protesters from around the country outside Altrad’s offices in Thurnscoe. Some of them are pictured below, holding our banners.




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