Grant from the Rowlands’ Trust

Rowlands Trust LogoWe are delighted to be able to announce that the Rowlands’ Trust has made us a grant of £2,000.

Mr and Mrs Rowlands lived in Colmore in Herefordshire. After his wife passed away, and before his own death, Mr Rowlands set up the Trust to make grants to charities based in the West Midlands region and Gloucestershire. One of his concerns was to help older people.

How the grant will help us

The grant will help us to provide lightweight IT equipment to use when visiting support groups and also patients in their homes. It is often useful to be able to look things up when we are visiting them. This includes possible sources of exposure to asbestos which may have affected them during their working life. Most of our service users are also over 55.

Neil Bishop, manager of Asbestos Support central England, said, ‘Having just lugged a heavy laptop around the centre of Birmingham while visiting two of our support groups in one day I can definitely say how much this new equipment will be appreciated.’

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