Action Mesothelioma Day in Dudley

ARC-AID (Asbestos Related Conditions – Allied Industrial Diseases) is a charity in our region which is dedicated to fundraising for research into asbestos related diseases and support for patients. It rus a charity shop in New Street, Dudley.

Going Blue for Meso

Founder Mary Law, 86, and friends wore ‘blue for meso’ on Action Mesothelioma Day and decorated their shop with blue balloons.

Royston’s Story

She set up the charity following the death of her son Royston, who died from mesothelioma 12 years ago at the age of only 51.

Mary says, “Royston served in the Falkands and then worked for a firm in Oldham. Both careers were high risk for asbestos.

“He left behind a widow and three children. The youngest were aged nine and seven, and they would have been left destitute had there been no help for them.

Mary was very angry, now she’s aiming for #zerosbestos

“I was very angry because there was no medication to help my son with his mesothelioma of the abdomen at the time. Now thankfully medication has improved. The only known cause is exposure to asbestos.

“I feel there should be no more passing the buck. The Government must provide funding to tackle this issue and we want zero tolerance of asbestos.”

#ActionMeso Day in Dudley

To mark Action Mesothelioma Day the volunteers gathered in Coronation Gardens off Priory Road, followed by lunch at Sofi’s Cafe, in Castle Street, Dudley. Children visiting the ARC-AID shop with their families were given balloons as a treat.

“It was a lovely day,” Mary says. “It was also about raising awareness and because of lockdown we’ve had to concentrate on keeping our campaign platform going.

“We have managed to keep the shop open, but we do need help as we’re getting older and we’d love to get more volunteers on board.”

Christine and Colin Stevens, Billy Churchill, Margaret McCann and Mary Law are pictured on Action Mesothelioma Day in Coronation Gardens, Dudley.

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