Join us on Action Mesothelioma Day

ACTION MESOTHELIOMA DAY is a joint awareness raising event each year sponsored by Asbestos Support Groups, including the members of the Asbestos Victims Support Groups’ Forum, Medical Charities and other charities established by mesothelioma patients.  

There will be a short regional event on Zoom at 11 o’clock on Friday 2 July. The link is “ASCE’s Action Meso Event on Zoom”, please email for your invitation.

This event will give you the opportunity to share your stories about how mesothelioma has affected you and to hear from others. We are also inviting people to write their stories down (in 200 words or less) and send them to us so that we can include some of them in a news release which will be sent to regional media outlets such as newspapers, TV and radio stations.

Remembering people on-line If you prefer you will also be able to write messages on our Facebook wall, either telling us about yourself or remembering friends and loved ones who are living with or have died from mesothelioma.

In addition we are encouraging everyone to send postcards to your MPs asking them to take action to remove asbestos from our schools and other public buildings. If you are on our mailing list these will be coming to you with your newsletter, but you can also ask us to send you one.

Mesothelioma UK will have its own name roll on its website, “supporting and remembering people who have been affected by mesothelioma”. You can have a name included on the roll by donating £5.

There will also be a longer national event on Zoom between 12.30pm – 1.30pm.  You will need a separate link for this. To sign up to the event please go to the website hosted by broadcaster, academic and peritoneal mesothelioma patient, Kate Williams. The event will include “panel discussions, clinical trials updates and interesting facts and insights for anyone new to mesothelioma.”