Join our campaign for #ZeroAsbestos in Schools and Public Buildings


Our main campaign at the moment is for zero asbestos, everywhere but especially in schools and other publicly owned buildings. Children are especially vulnerable to asbestos dust because their lungs are still developing but people who work in schools and other public buildings are also at risk. 

Please write to your MP

We should like you to write to your MP and tell them some or all of the following. We have made special postcards for your message. Please ask for one.

  • Make it personal! Tell them how you have been affected by asbestos.
  • Tell them that every year 200 people will develop mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos while they were at school.
  • Tell them asbestos is being removed from Parliament and Buckingham Palace, so why not from schools as well?
  • Tell them it’s urgent. We need zero asbestos now!

Please send your postcard as close as you can to Action Mesothelioma Day on 2 July, as this will increase its impact. You can also email your MP, send them a tweet or post on their Facebook page. If you do, please include #zeroasbestos in your message. Again, this should increase its impact.

And join us on-line, if you can, on Action Meso Day to raise awareness about asbestos related diseases. Please email or text Neil for the link, on 7800536642/